Bye bye Same Old

Notice the new upside-downed stars?


“The state is a fiction sanctified by Hegel and his followers to CONTROL the individual. Sooner or later people will wake up. First we have to dump the trap of right and left, this is a Hegelian trap to divide and control. The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them.” Antony Sutton*

So, the Republicans, historic heirs of strong central government, banks and anglophile Alexander Hamilton are now the current party of (non) choice poised to finally drive the government of the people off over the edge amid the final sell-off of your country. This election heralds a larger scale version of the pillaging of perfectly good American businesses like Anchor Hocking Glass leveraged-buyout era. To that, one comment. Don’t tell me I didn’t tell you. Someone had to win and someone had to lose; the fictional money won and the fiction of popular government lost.
Me? I am over the confrontations I pursued with great zest in the past. I have been pursued by phalanxes of wall sized men in ballistic nylon, smelled the sweet tang of spillover tear gas and had my picture taken by discreetly dressed chaps enough for one life. All of the demonstrations were tidy, little pre-laid containment vessels, colossal wastes of time and resources and I have hung up my cleats. “They” sit behind their mortar proof window, sip their martinis, shoot you bird and nothing, nothing changes a jot. Shoot, the crew, ALL OF THEM, who rode in following Watergate has made me miss Richard Nixon. The US was a lovely idea and a fair shot for an experiment, but the forces that conspired to suck it dry have prevailed. Done.
It is worth at this point to remind readers that John Kerry, Dumbya i.e. most in power positions are members of various creepy, private elite organizations like the Council of Foreign Relations and its schoolyard version founded by opium smugglers, Yale University’s Skull and Bones, whose very symbol is code for terror, violence and piracy, the SS Death’s Head Division in WW Two, labels on poison bottles so forth. The US was partially founded on piracy and murder; the current leadership is just more of the same, some of the worst war criminals since the Third Reich in civilian body count alone.
I have tried over the years to describe and explain the history and implicit hazards of the Corporate model, historically how successful and murderously unbalanced is their power. Banks served the elites’ needs and then John D. Rockefeller perfected the modern corporation. Like their economic forebears, the knightly orders of the 11th century, the Knights Templar, Knights of St. John, etecera, corporations led by the “successes” of Standard Oil (and locally, American Tobacco) became so wealthy they could capitalize themselves, usurping economic might rivaling that of nations; a third force, created solely for da money. Carrying more weight than King or Pope, big biz is concerned solely for itself, profit and shareholder return.
Mega-capitalism stole the reigns of the your nation from “natural” persons primarily via a scandalous interpretation of the intent of the founders visited on this nation by a Supreme Court case involving the tax value of fence posts. Santa Clara vs Southern Pacific granted to the then nascent corporation Bill of Rights protection that gave corporations institutional sanction among other protections to lie — and a lie is protected speech. This corrupt, bogus court decision paved the way for your leaders to be seduced serially by da money and seize what was to be held in trust for “the people”.
Oh my little friends, there is vitriol to spare. For the executive branch that it has transcended the now quaint, obsolete core tenet of the Constitution. The role of the president was to be a limited executive position, its powers limited to “execute” the will of the people via congress, especially in the grave matter of War. The 1973 War Powers Act, passed on the heels of the disaster of Vietnam states very clearly that war is to be waged under very specific conditions which have been routinely disregarded before and since the law’s passing. For Congress, the same applies. The expense of political campaigns makes “by the people and for the people” and free speech mean something quite different for you and for a Boeing. You make the world you live and live the world you make.
When a nation’s primary remaining major export is death via the defense contractors who steer our government’s paranoid “defense” system, that nation is treading on thin existential ice amid moral and economic vacuity. I’d hoped we learned something from Vietnam. I was wrong. Not one of the presidents for the last several decades has shown reluctance or restraint in the use of military force to appease their contributors in the defense biz. It is worth noting here that Eric Haney, former master sergeant and co-founder of Delta Force said “There is no real threat to the U.S. in the world.” As the Cold War was WW III, perfect for the US’s purposes; trillions of dollars of instantly obsolete gear and not a shot fired, Bush and Yobama’s World War IV, begun for Big Oil and Israel, would seem to be a fine follow-up. Americans have been programmed to build their political beliefs on a foundation of fear and fear is what they will have from now on. Me, I never signed on for piracy and murder.
But far be it from me to try to dissuade others from what they do to themselves via a externally induced hallucination. Far be it from me to even attempt to influence some other’s local reality system. Really Mr. Eichenberger, how presumptuous of you. I have had some bad habits and am in no moral position to cast aspersions nor judgment on anyone for what they do. If people want to eat fried chicken and french fries and waddle from to and from their Suburbans until their hearts clog and they die, let ’em. I have no grounds to berate them while they eat themselves to an early death to a lilting serenade of lies pouring out of the television, riding the ship down, quite content with their murderous, overfed nation.
The only way to fight the monster is to deprive it of its blood, the money. If you find decreasing levels of contentment from the hollow narcotic jolt provided by the empty commercial culture, maybe just maybe you’re ready. If you have moral problems with this hustle, the most revolutionary thing you can do is strive for a smaller life and selectively starve the monster. Don’t like slave states? Don’t buy their crappy, cheap products.
For me the bell finally went off over transportation. A short list of factors made me hang up the keys to my Plymouth but a major one was what I had done in the name of fun and games, the fuel, used lubricating oil, transmission fluid and so forth with which I had fouled the planet. That I also was often consciously a public menace behind the wheel induced me to begin to undo what I had done in the name of kicks. My cavalier attitude, the damage I did to the very planet itself is something that I will not be able to unremember. The surprise was that the absence of a car for a decade has improved my life by fostering a deeper, more direct connection to the earth by walking and bicycles. This is just an example.
I’m just one guy and one tiny life but I’m not the only one who feels like this. Amid colossal levels of political dissatisfaction we are witnessing the emergence of what I call the Alternate State of America aka None-Of-The-Above. “A vote of no confidence,” says my neighbor, Mr. Jolly. Both parties have serially proven themselves perennially, malevolently incapable/unwilling at the task of responsible, legitimate government that the ASA/NOTA would probably get fifty percent of the vote, certainly along the U.S. Gulf Coast. Farfetched? Reflect that around 50 percent of voters are now non affiliated or independent. The two party system is a rigged two horse race and millions are awakening to the truth: one stable owns both nags. Send em to the glue factory.
The purest, early example of the ATA can be seen in alternative food systems, as profound a human connection with the world there is. That is just a beginning. Soon, I predict we are going to begin to witness all manner of parallel, local community-based systems which will begin to give true liberty back to the people. The big players like Monsanto (pure eeee-ville!) are keenly aware of this trend and are busy “conspiring” (there, I said it) with members of Congress to put a damper on the small scale agriculture that promise to reduce their profits via the Food Safety Modernization Act (S.510). This is something both “sides” can agree on as well as a splendid position to begin to wreck the false political duality created to keep ordinary Americans distracted and at each other’s throats while the real bad guys make off with your legacy.
Industrial leaders have sold the middle class out seen in the torrent of jobs “they” are busy outsourcing following the second worst economic crunch in living memory. I say return the favor. You can begin to lessen the power these artificial entities hold over you by rejecting them, by reducing the role they play in your life. Fire em from your world along with their catamite politician butt boys. The best part is you don’t need guns. Just quietly slip away.
As an object or entity become less of a presence in one’s mind, a analog of Quantum Mechanics comes into play. Following that reality is seen by physicists as a construct of consciousness, my analogy suggests that you can make whoever or whatever you wish “disappear” via what I will call Quantum Ethics, sort of like duh holy Market force. If an entity’s actions or potential causes grievous injury to a particular dimension (this one) or its inhabitants, it becomes in one’s interest, a responsibility, to actively reject it as I did with Plymouths. Doing so will cause them to begin to fade, both from your life as well as in objective, external reality. (I have to point out that a few years after my vow, Plymouth ceased production.) Seriously, were QE to gain a substantial foothold, truly wicked agencies/people who engage, for example, in institutionalized death-for-profit might actually wink out, cease to exist. Say you don’t “get it”, oh icky ones? There is nothing to “get.” In the new world of Quantum Ethics, you simply will disappear. Poof. Gone. I’m trying to interest a mathematical physicist wiz to help me with the proof, but for now, it’ll have to be an idea.

*Antony Sutton authored 26 books, among them, America’s Secret Establishment and Best Enemy Money Can Buy. Sutton was persecuted but never prosecuted for his research and subsequent publishing of his findings although his mainstream career was shattered. In 1968, his Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development showed how Soviet technological and manufacturing built by US firms and mostly paid for by the US taxpayers supplied the North Vietnamese with armaments and supplies to kill and wound American soldiers. Professor Richard Pipes, of Harvard, said in his book, Survival Is Not Enough: Soviet Realities and America’s Future (Simon & Schuster;1984): “In his three-volume detailed account of Soviet Purchases of Western Equipment and Technology . . . Sutton comes to conclusions that are uncomfortable for many businessmen and economists. For this reason his work tends to be either dismissed out of hand as ‘extreme’ or, more often, simply ignored.”



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3 responses to “Bye bye Same Old

  1. Garrett

    Peter, I miss you friend.

    Like Jonathan Swift said: “Too many mistake the echoes of the London coffee house for the voice of the kingdom.”

    Whether that coffee house is Lloyds of London, of which Swift was referring, or your own local Capital City Club, let’s make sure they keep hearing the wolves outside their doors.

  2. Fascinating idea you have here. I am currently reading a book called “Mind Light” by Silver Ravenwolf about magick and quantum physics that explores this idea that we have the ability to blink this reality and/or selected parts of it in and out of existence. I’m not sure what to think of it yet, but it certainly has possibilities. In some ways, your comments also remind me of the old bumper sticker “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” This is an aspect of “reality” that screams for further investigation. Bravo!

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