The Big Shift?

This missive is as much query as testimonial. Anyone out there is encouraged to add to this, more for the power of combined thought than for my peace of mind; I’m quite comfortable being “different.” By way of resume the last decades have presented to me a number of extra/metaphysical contacts/experiences, auras, ghosts, what-have-you, backed up by witnesses.
Native ability and/or conscious effort can foster connections to unseen forces that sometimes bring one more than they bargain for. The last decades have for me been a time of keeping an “ear to the rail” for an indication, a sign of the cosmic shift that billions of peoples and multiple cultures are primed for. I cannot say if the following was “it” but I can say without reservation that something happened around Wednesday, the 21st of April, either a major shift, or a precursor (my personal feeling) to the big one . To achieve some clarity, some understanding, following the 21st I made queries, sought out others and interviewed them in as dispassionate and objective fashion as I could. The initial survey has confirmed that it wasn’t just me.
My correspondents report altered, focused emotions and visions that night, spirits (for lack of another term) passing through the walls of houses, in my case communicating messages ranging from the personal to some germane to the earth and our relationship to it. There was a distinct sense of the trans-physical i.e. at one point a seeming reintegration into an unfamiliar space (think Star Trek) that triggered a bit of panic that seemed to spur a return to the familiar.
A visual signal came a couple of days later as Village Motor/Cameron Village Auto’s fund raiser over on Boylan Avenue was winding down. These two ordinary people, mechanics, good works are perfect demonstrations of the new world. Pam and Greg have selflessly put themselves on the front line of a struggle to see that fundamental needs are met in this culture of obscene, selective plenty, that the left-behinds of our region have enough to eat. As I walked away, my range of my vision became a wobbling view similar to what one would see through two prisms cut at different angles and slowly rotated – a profound but simple shift almost as two fundamental frequencies.
A summation of the message is that we are all part of the world, molecularly and spiritually. It is humanity’s sacred responsibility to maintain this lonely ball, for us as much as for the other inhabitants, plants and animals. The sum of creation, everything, waits in the balance, from abstract concerns such as justice to the concrete reality of physical survival. The larger cultural message is simply this; if the major faiths are to evolve beyond combative, self-serving public relations statements, corrupted by men’s interpretation and lust for material gain, those faiths must transcend the destructive turf wars ignited by words and begin to exemplify the actual lives and examples of celebrated prophets such as Jesus, Mohammad and the Buddha.
I urge anyone who on or around the 21st observed visual or aural anomalies, altered emotions or just a sense of “it”, or has any interest in what seems to have occurred to begin to find and to forge contacts with others. That which seems to have happened is an “us” thing, arriving at a critical break-point to a world poised on a fulcrum, on the one side of which are massed the destructive, entropic powers of commercial/corporate-fueled personal greed, on the other a ubiquitous, unifying, nurturing sense of shared existence. We owe it to ourselves but more, to the world, to begin to gather the conjoined power of the many, as much to simply compare and share the wonder and awe of this constantly unfolding “nowness” as to strengthen the collective, combined power of people.
Spooky phenomenon aside, the important aspect of where we are now is not be deterred from the path of healing and truth and to utilize our combined, transcendent powers for the healing of this planet and its inhabitants. We have been given a sign. What we do with it is up to us now. This is just a beginning.


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  1. Susann Wigger

    Interesting article, found this via FB, a friends posting of your post on Consumerism. I live in Raleigh.
    Anywho, on April 20, 2010, I was meditating in Joshua tree, CA. I had a profound experience whereby the true nature of Joshua Tree was revealed to me- as the remnants of an ancient city which had been underwater for millenia before the changes of the ocean left it as we see now. This ancient city is still inhabited by millions of light beings. I saw them, and I saw the main temple and court as well as the communication beacon which enables, well, communication across the planet. It was also revealed to me that I am one of the leaders of the tribune (a group of 12 that represents the archetypes of the astrological wheel) of this ancient city and that I am a living female representative of the archetype of balance. Crazy.
    The whole experience was not really a message of my self-importance but just the importance of living up to my true nature- ie, a living representation of the ordered aspect of balance and raising my fair ancient city to its previous grandeur, ie, when we leave Kali Yuga and enter back into a lightened spiritual age. Somewhere there is a man, I was informed, who is the living male representation of chaos in balance.
    I should add that I was completely sober at the time.
    Months previously I began having spirit guides and talking to animals and developing telepathic abilities. After beginning to be open about these experiences to other people, I have found that a lot of people who are my friends/acquaintances are having similar experiences (not as out there as mine in most cases). But experiences where the universe sends them messages, they are meeting the right people, experiencing synchronicity, etc.
    I have started a meditation group for women here in Raleigh and continue to volunteer with a group working for public transportation/clean water and fairness and excellence in public schools in Raleigh.
    So yes I received a massive sign and I am trying to live up to what I am told I am capable of creating.
    I am only telling you this crazy stuff because it seems from your blog post that you are looking for people who are experiencing these things and I am as well.
    Pleased to make your acquaintance and feel free to contact me if you would like.

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