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Pax Corporatica

“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one perhaps of the Right, and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.” Dr. Carroll Quigley, Georgetown U.

This is no greasy-haired conspiracy freak, rather an influential, lettered insider who mentored Bill Clinton, among others, in the DC center of gravity. Quigley’s stuff is worth the effort for those who want a light bulb inside the dark closet of how things really work.

Any lingering “idealogue” who harbored faith in the system despite the fetid, fraudulent depths Yewessian democracy has plummeted should be awake now that the Obamanator has propelled us into yet another disaster courtesy of familiar, failed policies. Mr. Hope and Change was roughly shoved into the same leather wing chair LBJ was and ordered to unholster the same big gun as has every president since WWII (I personally take it back to the Mexican War) – or else.

Whatever lofty ideals Obama may have refined in the Senate and deluded himself that he may have been able to affect upon entering office have been scuttled in lieu of compulsory support of one of the US’s few remaining export businesses: weaponry and simple, old-fashioned plunder. Except that the funding via the US people is maxed out. Coupled with the early death of the financial/consumerist economy and with our military budget exceeding the rest of the world en toto, we simply can’t afford more wars. And things are not going to get better.

Accompanying people’s dim awakening of how badly they have been robbed is a parallel, dare I say predictable, heightened rancor in the legislative bodies, a diversionary tactic so overplayed, negative and unproductive that the citizenry is justifiably en-masse rejecting the entire odious mess. Da Man, at risk of losing Punch and Judy’s audience is being forced to conjure up some new substitute smokescreen for the two-party dialectic to continue to keep the masses distracted. But with masses of voters as well as some elected simply giving up, the political dialog reduced in essence to yelling “doo-doo head,” the old Coke v. Pepsi political hustle needed freshening. This year’s model? Why, a revived Corporate/Guvment juggernaut that has served so many so well. “It’s all the evil (insert) corporations/socialist’s fault,” exemplified by one of the corporate faithful who stated recently, “I trust business more than the government,” someone who has forgotten the Ford Pinto, Firestone tires, the Bhopal Union Carbide disaster, on and on, ad nauseum until you’re sick.

As with the Republicrat tm one-party system, the continuing mission is to heighten whatever illusory differences remain and to conceal that business and government are cementing their 19 century merger. Two up-to-date examples: (1) Daniel P. Moynihan’s $60 million gift to IBM resulting in making a living becoming a near impossibility for self-employed tech professionals (plus airplanes inside IRS offices) and (2) Tony “Blue Cross” Rand inserting a technical corrections bill to ensure that N.C. taxpayers give as much as possible to Rand’s patrons despite a $500 million N.C. budget shortfall. Amid the shouting, that Government has become merely the chariot of big business can be obscured.

Those masses of people who manage to become sufficiently aroused by the business/government juggernaut to finally engage in direct action may wish to avail themselves of some old news, what may await. History has a way of uncannily repeating itself. What’s to come may be sufficiently illustrated by the Ludlow murders in 1915 where the Colorado National Guard, at the behest of a Rockefeller, machine gunned and incinerated a tent city including women and children over a justifiable coal strike.

That prefaces the latest moves in the US, by Rand Corporation, a monograph describing a proposed “Stability Protection Force,” a kinda military, kinda civil end-run around the already weakened posse comitatus. It should be abundantly clear how “they” are prepared to preserve Poppy (funny nickname for an ex Pres, huh?) Bush’s increasingly shaky “New World Order” if and when the natives begin climbing out of their boxes to try and recover what few of their freedoms are left.
The common person whose political ideas vary from yours is not your “enemy.”

Those grasping for someone whose feet to lay the blame at would likely find a better target in those upper echelons of their own political party, those who falsely claim to support their interests.


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